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A Wild Talent - Part Seven

Sumiko made herself at home sitting demurely in the lounge, she smiled at Petra “So Petra-chan, where's dearest Jostein?”
Petra had no intention of being drawn into her games “He's asleep upstairs Sumi-chan.”
Sumiko giggled “Well in that case, we have time to...”
She cut her off before she could get started, she knew Sumiko all too well “Don't even go there.”
Sumiko fluttered her eyes “Oh, but after Nairobi?”
“I was drunk and much younger.”
Sumiko smiled slyly “You know, you could be a lot of fun if you just let yourself go.”
Petra smiled back, when she let herself go, the results could be... spectacular and potentially disastrous “I'm plenty fun just the way I am.”
Sumiko just grinned. “Well in that case I suppose we should go see why I'm here.” There was a mischievous glint in her eye as she added “You want to go wake Jostein or should I?”
Petra scowled “I'll go get him.”

Petra woke him gently. She watched as one eye opened, then the other. He uncurled himself from the couch slowly, stretching his stiff limbs. “Kaffe.” he demanded sleepily. She smiled, she had a cup ready, she knew what he was like waking. He yawned as he drunk “I suppose she's here already?”
“Sumiko? Yes.”
“And neither of you has killed the other, I'm amazed.”
She kissed him lightly “I have shown great restraint Magister.”
He chuckled softly, she only called him Magister when she was trying to be cute. “Very good. How did cracking the encryption go?”
Petra beamed at him “I got it, just before she arrived, by myself.”
“Well done, you should look them over. See what Mark and Dieter had found.”
“But Sumiko?” Petra was less than keen on staying here when she was downstairs.
“I'm more than capable of showing her what's up.”
She sighed slightly “But...”
He interrupted her “It'll be fine Petra, I'm more than capable of 'dealing' with Sumiko.” He smiled at her once more. But the truth was, he needed to talk with Sumiko alone.

Sumiko was lounging on the sofa when Jostein walked in. She looked up “She's growing Jostein.”
“I know, faster than her ability to control it.”
“She is the most powerful wild talent to emerge in over five hundred years Jostein, more powerful than you and Jasmin put together. She's our best hope to undo all this. Have you told her?”
He sighed guiltily “No not yet. But I will.”
She crossed to him and kissed him passionately “Koibito, she needs to know, she needs to know from you.”
“I will, but in my own time.”
She shook her head “All four of us were responsible Jostein, not just you.”
“I know, but it's my job to prepare her and my schedule Sumiko.” He sounded defensive.
“Have you at least got round to being lovers yet?”
His defensiveness turned to slight annoyance “You know very well that can't be forced, but yes we are lovers now.” He took a breath and focused “However right now we have a more immediate problem.”
She laughed “I'm assuming you mean the rather massively powerful timestop lurking above us.”
“That's part of it but there's more. There's the who, Muti and he's after Isuelt's ring.”
She looked sad “So he's finally figured it out. How we did it.”
“Would seem so, probably inevitable.”
Sumiko sounded puzzled though “But Muti is into necromancy, not transmutation. He shouldn't have been able to do this?”
Jostein's voice became grave “He didn't, Jibril did this. I can feel him all over it.”
Sumiko swore under her breath, and then kissed him again “That was probably inevitable too Koibito, not your fault.”
”But I am the reason he turned. Still, back to now, can you free Mark and Dieter?”
She closed her eyes and concentrated “No I'm sorry, not without the ring.”
“I figured as much. Well we'd better find it before Muti's thugs do then.”

Jostein lead Sumiko upstairs. Petra was working steadily on the files “So what have you found Petra?”
She looked over at Jostein “Not a lot elsker” She didn't notice Sumiko's appreciative smile to Jostein at the word elsker, nor the quick shake of his head “A few hints about the ring. Local legends and the like. They'd been looking for a few weeks. Three days ago Mark was in London, he bought a number of Sub-Roman British artefacts, which would fit with the time frame for Tristan and Isuelt.”
Jostein came up behind her shoulder “Got an inventory lover?” Sumiko again smiled, it was about time.
“Mmmm...” she tapped “A couple of broaches, a hair comb, a knife and a few coins. Nothing I can see standing out.”
Sumiko joined them at her other shoulder “Where are they now?”
“Somewhere in this room apparently.”
Sumiko turned and chanted. The room was bathed in a faint orange light, items all over the room began to glow. Sumiko sniggered. “My, Mark keeps a lot of enchanted items here.”
Jostein shrugged his shoulders “He probably assumed anybody who could get here would get just about anywhere. But can you find the new items?”
“Don't get impatient now Jostein-chan, give me a moment.” She could see Petra's irritation at her familiarity. She closed her eyes to concentrate “Cabinet over there, middle draw. It's locked and warded.” She suddenly winced in pain “Oooo... and those are some heavy duty wards.”
Jostein approached the cabinet carefully. He touched the draw, closed his eyes and seemed to fall into a trance. Sumiko bent and kissed Petra on the cheek “About bloody time the two of you got together.” Petra was too stunned to respond. The pair watched as Jostein very cautiously disarmed the wards and opened the draw.
Petra didn't notice, but Sumiko deliberately remained by the computer while she crossed to join Jostein “What is it?”
Both however noticed the surprise in his voice “The comb.”

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