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A Wild Talent - Part Three

Part Three – Jasmin's garden

Jostein slept most of the morning. He was woken around twelve by Petra's insistent shaking. “Hey there dopey where the hell are we?”
He rolled over and opened one eye “A friend's, somewhere safe.”
“Jostein, this is a brothel.”
“So? It's a very upmarket one.”
She punched him playfully “My mother would have a fit.”
“Your mother is in Sydney last I heard, so I won't tell her if you don't. Besides, there's a small fortune in respectable art here, I'm sure she'd approve of that. Now let me get some sleep, I was up all night.”
She giggled “I noticed.” He simply rolled his eyes. She sat on his chest “I'm hungry Jostein.”
He pushed her off and pulled the covers back over himself “Go find the Madame, Jasmin is her name, she'll look after you. Now let me get some sleep.”

Petra left the room to hunt for something to eat. The corridors were extremely tastefully decorated. She noted the artworks covered a range from the renaissance to modern. Works by Botticelli, Canaletto, van Dyck, Manet, Rubens, Cezanne to name but a few. There wasn't a small fortune of art hanging on the walls of this bordello, there was a large one. Yes her mother would be in heaven here, well if she was able get past the fact that it was a house of ill repute. She saw an elegantly dressed young woman returning from escorting a client to the door. “Können sie mich wo Madame Jasmin ist bitte?” She hoped she got that right, German was not her best language. In fact she still struggled with anything other than English.
The young lady sniggered, ever so politely and responded “Im garten“ Obviously not perfect, but good enough to get the point across. Now to find where the garden was.
She didn't have to search long. An immaculate young man in a smart grey pinstripe suit found her shortly after “Madame would like to meet with you fraulein“ She wasn't sure if to be offended or amused by the diminutive. She decided to go with amused and followed him.

The garden was a small secluded retreat, as tastefully and carefully created as the rest of the house, but the power of the place left Petra swooning as she entered. Madame Jasmin was sitting quietly in the shade perusing the Frankfurter Rudschau, Petra could see the banner headline “So he's finally marrying then?”
Jasmin looked up “Who my dear?”
“Konig Georg, the headline.”
Jasmin smiled “Unlike many, I pay little heed to the love lives of the royals my dear. Though doubtless it will annoy his uncles.” She folded the paper neatly and placed it beside her “Please my dear, sit. Jostein has told me so little about you.” She hesitated “I don't bite my dear and you must be hungry, I'll have Klaus bring us some lunch.” Petra sat delicately beside her host “See, not so bad. Now lunch.” She called to the young man and set him off. “So, how are you finding our Jostein?”
Petra smiled “Usually by calling him.”
Jasmin groaned “He did warn me of your sense of humour.” Petra just grinned, but she knew Jasmin was gauging her power. “So my dear, you had slept soundly?”
Petra formed a wry grin “Eventually yes.”
Jasmin had noted Petra's power, her energy had affected half her clients. It had actually been a very profitable night. “And do you have family?”
“My mother lectures at the Sydney College of Arts, my father's a lawyer. Two older brothers, one in the forces, one a doctor. That's about it.” Petra was a little unsure about giving too much information.
“Do they know?”
“That I'm with Jostein? Yes though they don't approve of the age difference.”
Jasmin chuckled “Doubtless they'd have a fit if they knew the reality. And the magic?”
Petra looked at the floor “No, not that.” She doubted they would understand.
“Probably wise.” She chuckled again “Though things have improved somewhat since my day.” Petra wondered how old her host was, but, well you didn't ask.
Jasmin was looking at her with quizzical eyes now “You're quite a powerful little one aren't you?”
Petra wasn't sure how to respond “Jostein says I am.”
Jasmin took her hand “And I agree with him. You will be great one day, well if you survive that long.” Klaus had returned with a tray “Ah, lunch. Now you must eat, I do believe you expended some considerable energy last night.”

Jostein and Petra left Madame Jasmin's house late that evening. She had wished them to stay, but Jostein had got an urgent call and said they had to leave. Petra got the idea that there might have been something between Jostein and Jasmin once. He didn't offer any information and she didn't ask. “So lover, where to now?”
He didn't take his eye's off the road “Cornwall.”
She was more than a little surprised “What on earth is in Cornwall?”
“Ogres, Buccas, various fey, King Arthur. Plenty to be going on with.”
“But isn't the UK out of our beat? And I thought you said King Arthur was mythical?”
“Not exactly. Parts of it are real, Ambrosius Aurelianus, Excalibur, Merlyn. Just the whole Camelot round table knights stuff is crap. And with a total eclipse sweeping through central Europe in a couple of months, what is and isn't our beat is somewhat flexible.”
Petra's curosity was burning her up “So, elsker, kæreste, why are we going there.”
Jostein's mouth cracked into a tiny grin. He could drag this out. But then again, it was a long drive with her whining, less than fun “Iseult's ring.”
Petra grew excited “As in Tristan and Isuelt?”
He nodded “Yes that Isuelt.”
She was now definitely excited, one of the most famous love stories of myth. “Why are we looking for it and not Mark and Dieter?”
Jostein sighed, he knew Petra liked Dieter, another wild talent “Because Mark and Dieter seem to have disappeared.”

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