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A Cautionary Tale

One should never order from a menu in a foreign language without first getting an explanation...

A few weeks ago, my parents told me that they "weren't doing Christmas" and "we should make our own arrangements". I knew full well this was a lie, but hey what the hell, I've come to expect nothing from them. Anyway yesterday when talking to bumponalog I found out that they'd invited her and KS to Christmas. Inviting Bump I couldn't care less about, who my parents want at Christmas is their own affair. But to go behind my back and invite my son, deliberately forcing him to choose sides was so far out of line I had to do something. I phoned my parents to find out what was going on. Long story short: we could go to Christmas but there would be no presents for Piper's children. This was no invite, you do not take a nine year old to Christmas knowing he won't get a present and my parents know I wouldn't do that. Clearly we weren't welcome.

But anyway back to the story, so Piper and I were hurt and upset yesterday. We were also (due to Piper's Mum agreeing to babysit) kid free. So we decided to go out for dinner to "cheer up", We went to St Germain, a French restaurant we've been to before and really like (excellent service, good food, reasonable prices as French restaurants go). It was good, Piper and I talked and watched all the people. I got to feel superior because I was the only man there wearing both a jacket (one that wasn't made of shiny polyester at least) and tie. And Piper likewise was the best dressed there.

Anyway we ordered. Piper ordered the Lamb (at my suggestion) and I ordered the "Bouride" (not too sure of the spelling). I didn't know exactly what it was, but with my schoolboy French I assumed it was something with meat, probably beef. So Piper and I sat and talked, had our onion soup (too die for), snails (a bit sluggish on taste) and drank wonderful wine. Then the mains arrived. Piper's was a sort of lamb stew in red wine. Mine however was a seafood soup platter. A slight problem as I'm allergic to seafood. The lesson of all this, a little knowledge can be a dangerous thing and when in doubt, ask.

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(addenda: Got a phone call from my Father this morning. To quote "I was mistaken, there are presents for the boys". My father does not make that kind of mistake. I have no idea what's going on, and I really don't care. It has changed nothing, we are still not welcome and I have no intention of ever seeing my family again).