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A Wild Talent - Part Nine

Part Nine – A surplus of passion

Jostein leapt sideways to dodge the chilling touch of the wraith facing him, turned and thrust with his rapier. A good solid hit, if he had been fencing it would scored well. But he wasn't fencing, he was fighting for his life and it took more than a single hit to take out a wraith, no matter how good. The other wraith reached for him, he dove forward and rolled, coming up and slashing with his blade. It connected and glowed white as the wraith screeched in pain. He felt the ice cold touch of a third opponent, draining his life force, he had to break free of the touch. He screamed “Need some help here.” as he cast a subtle spell to confuse and distract. The third wraith twisted and he fell to his knees, managing only to thrust wide at the second shadow. Three against one, he could only hope to stay alive until Sumiko or Petra got to him. He struggled to his feet and parried the incorporeal arm reaching for him.

In the fields on the other side Sumiko was wielding her wakizachi with speed and fury, slashing and thrusting as best she could. She looked over at Petra “Any time you like you know.”
Petra was recovering her focus from the power she had wielded “My sword, I left it in the car.”
“Well that was smart.” The irritation in her was obvious. She reached down and pulled something from beneath her skirt.
Petra saw the bright blade “Where did you hide that?”
Sumiko grinned as she tossed the tanto to her “You probably don't want to know, but take care of it. Now go help you Magister.”
Petra grasped the blade, stood and drove it hard into the wraith blocking her path. She held it there and chanted. She felt the ecstasy of raw power surging through her again, focusing it down her arm and through the blade. The wraith reached out and touched her, almost breaking her concentration. Almost, the short blade glowed white hot as wild energy surged through it, searing the wraith's soul. Its howl split the night, a scream that would shrive the sanity from a normal man. But Petra held the blade tight and yelled in triumph as the wraith evaporated. She knew she'd gone past her ability to control but that didn't matter, nor did she care, the power was intoxicating.
Sumiko raised her left hand and intoned a spell driving one wraith back as she twisted to slash at the other “Very impressive, but go, I'm not looking for a new apprentice just yet.”

Petra sprinted for Jostein, stooping to grab one of Sumiko's pistols with her off hand as she ran. She flipped a switch and ejected the magazine, catching in her other hand. She touched her thumb to the top round and began to mumble an enchantment. She felt her power draining into the slug, with luck she'd complete the enchantment and stay in control before she reached Jostein. She saw him on his knees, barely managing to fend off the two remaining wraiths circling him. She thrust the magazine back into the pistol, most of her power exhausted, fatigue tearing at her. She stumbled as one of the wraiths reached towards her lover. She didn't really aim, just pointed and trusted her instincts. There gun flashed and a single enchanted bullet sped from the short barrel. It struck the wraith and Petra felt a quiet satisfaction as it turned and exploded from the power of the round. Jostein summoned the last of his power to thrust his rapier at the remaining wraith, fixing it in position. Petra threw herself through the air, Sumiko's shining blade gripped in both hands, burning with the power within her. Her full weight fell on the wraith. The power of both blades was too much for the foul creature and it screamed as it was driven from existence. But Petra was still falling, she saw the point of Jostein's rapier and tried to twist in mid air. She managed to avoid impaling herself, but she felt the sharp blade graze the soft flesh of her side. She saw the red gash as her blood spilt out onto the damp grass. She lay panting, heart pounding ready to burst. She reached out, felt Jostein's weak pulse and grinned.

Sumiko felt resistance as her blade sliced through the wraith before her, far too much resistance. Petra's spell was fading and she'd not be safely able to do it again. They'd reform their physical bodies soon and then they'd be lost. She chanted and added her own power to the blade to dispel this wraith. She had no time to relish the victory as she felt the icy touch of the other behind her. She rolled forward, breaking its grip and struggled back to one knee. She was exhausted but there was only one left. She thrust her grandfather's blade feebly forward as the darkness enveloped her. She felt her life ebbing away, wondering what the afterlife was like as she saw a slender glowing shape looming behind the wraith, arm upraised. She smiled as her eyes fluttered and conciousness left her.

Sumiko heard the birds singing and felt the warmth of the sun on her skin before she opened her eyes. She was laying on straw, in a barn somewhere probably. She rolled over and groaned. “Did you get the number of the truck.”
Jostein sniggered and handed her a tin mug “Drink.”
She took a swig and grimaced “Ick what is it?”
Jostein sniggered “A concoction of herbs, spices, coffee and a whole lot of sugar. You'll need to regain your strength.”
“Petra, she used far too much energy last night.”
Sumiko forced another mouthful “Where is she?”
Jostein sipped his own mug “Out, I sent her to fetch some blankets, told her to walk off some energy.”
Sumiko kept forcing herself to drink “You think that will help?”
He grinned broadly “Nope, but it gave you time to wake up.”
Sumiko smiled as she continued drinking “I've heard that dancing is a good way for a wild talent to burn off the err... passion”
Jostein's grin widened “I'm afraid we're way beyond a few turns round the dance floor Sumi-chan.”
Sumiko laughed as she drained the mug “Oh dear, she will not be happy after.”

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