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A Wild Talent - Part Eight

Part Eight – Wraiths

Jostein drew a long slow breath “We've been at this for hours and we've found nothing.” They'd cast every spell of detection they knew and studied the comb for any hints. All they'd found was a simple Latin inscription, Cor Enim Ominia Tempore, the heart for all time. “We're no closer to understanding what this is or does then we were four hours ago. Petra was there anything else in the files? Some hint why the two of them thought this was important?”
She sighed, they'd been through this already “Not that I could find. Mark's notes say it's linked to the ring, but nothing more.”
Sumiko was sitting quietly in the background “You tried searching for the inscription in his notes?”
Petra was tired and snapped back, just a little “Of course.”
Sumiko pushed on regardless “What did you find?”
Petra almost snapped again, but she caught herself. She took another breath and calmed herself “There's only one reference to it other than the comb itself. And that one doesn't make much sense, just a mention of it being on a gravestone in a local church.”
Jostein stepped in before Sumiko could “Who's grave?”
“The Reverend Thomas Helyer, a pastor who died in 1755.”
He considered this, he was sure he'd heard that name before but he couldn't place where. “Any information on him anywhere?”
“Nope, double checked that already. Born in 1698 died 1755.”
“Where's he buried?”
Petra checked “St Keyne, in the church there.”
Sumiko grinned “Well, I guess a field trip to the the graveyard is next on the agenda then.” She went to the window and looked at Jostein's E-Type. Her grin widened “Going to be a tight fit dearies.”

Jostein didn't feel entirely comfortable, but there'd been little choice. Petra had nearly had a fit when Sumiko suggested sitting on her lap. The only option had been to borrow Mark's Range Rover. He didn't like taking another magi's things without asking but the alternative probably would have lead to bloodshed. It was dark now as they raced along narrow country roads. They'd all seen it, but Petra was the first to mention it “We're being followed Jostein.”
He nodded “Yeap, for a while now. Sumiko, I assume you came prepared?”
She sounded slightly offended “Naturally Jostein-chan” She opened a padded case and removed an elegant fifty centimetre long wakizachi and two automatic pistols. “I likewise assume the pair of you are properly equipped.” Petra was already loading her rifle and carefully placed her broadsword beside her.
Jostein glanced at the gleaming steel of the sword “Never quite understood why you use such a young blade.”
Sumiko just smiled “Ojiichan was one of the finest swordsmiths in all Japan, he made swords for the Shogun himself. He made this one specially for his favourite mago, I wouldn't trade him for anything.” There was a certain wistfulness in her when she spoke of her family.

Jostein pulled the car over after they turned the next sharp bend. All three alighted quickly, took positions and waited. They saw the headlights as their tailed turned the bend, Petra took careful aim with her rifle. She fired, there was crack and the car squealed as its front tyre exploded. They watched as it spun out of control and crashed into the stone wall beside the road. They waited as they heard the motor disturbing the still spring night air. A door opened and a rainbow of colour rushed towards them. Sumiko gestured and intoned a spell, creating a mirrored shield. The spray of colour reflected, trees burst into flame as it touched them. She joked “Subtle aren't they.”
Petra put a tight group of three rounds into the car door, a figure slumped to the ground, groaned, then rolled with surprising grace and agility towards the other side of the road, their pursuers were not from this world. The other door opened and hail of bullets sprayed out, Petra grinned as she took cover “You know lover, Mark is never going to forgive you for all the bullet holes.”
He returned fire with his pistol “I'll get him a new one.” Sumiko had already sprung up and cartwheeled over the wall at the side of the road..
Petra mumbled “Show off” to herself, stood up, switched the rifle to automatic and emptied it towards the car in a series of controlled bursts. Jostein used her covering fire to dash to the other wall and vault it.
She heard the figure by the wall begin to chant, she barely had time to dive clear before there was a blinding flash and Mark's Range Rover erupted into flame and catapulted high into the air, crashing down in the fields to the side of the road.
She could hear Sumiko chuckling “Good dodge Petra-chan, now get your cute butt over here.” as she stood and sent a series of three bolts of lightning towards their opposition. Sumiko always did like showy magic, but Petra appreciated the chance to get to cover.
Jostein had worked his way along the other wall, he saw two figures approaching. He fired his pistol and watched as they staggered and continued. He felt the warm air turn cold like ice, he recognised the touch of a wraith. He shouted “Wraiths, we need light Petra and we need it now” dropped the pistol, drew his rapier and advanced.
Petra smiled. She focused on her hands, spread her fingers wide and let go. A blinding light sprung from her, turning night into day. Everything the light touched began to glow, pulsing with her pure energy. Petra could feel her heart racing at the pure exhilaration of power surging through her. The wraiths writhed in agony as the burning light touched them, scorching their physical forms from existence leaving their true shadow forms behind. They were vulnerable now, now they could be hurt, only one problem, there were six wraiths and only three of them.

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