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A Wild Talent - Part Five

The house was still and dark, Petra checked the lights. “No power.”
Jostein chuckled “Maybe they forgot to pay the bill?”
She rolled his eyes “Yeap and I'll be waking up next to a troll.”
He slapped him playfully “Are you implying something lover?”
Petra just shook her head and chanted a few quick words to conjure a light.
He on the other hand, pulled out a flashlight “You do know Petra, sometimes technology works just as well”
She reached over and kissed him “Yep, but no where near as much fun kæreste.”
They cast their gaze around the hallway. There were brightly polished brass light fittings, a thick piled carpet, an empty coat rack and an umbrella stand with a single businesslike black walking cane in it. Jostein reached forward and touched it lightly. “Not good, I can't see Mark leaving without his cane.” He very carefully and respectfully lifted the cane out of the stand with two fingers.
Petra appeared impatient “Is that really necessary? It does know you.”
He replied without taking his eyes of the cane “A magi's focus is never to be treated lightly Petra. Especially when ill may have befallen the magi.”
“So, what's it telling you then?”
Jostein frowned “Not a lot, there's been a lot of power used in this house and not by Mark or Deiter.”
Petra's mouth formed a slight grin “I could have told you that. The lights not working is a dead give away.” She paused and added trepidly “Necromancy?”
“Not as far as far as I can tell.”
She breathed a slight sigh of relief “That's something at least.”
Jostein was more cautious “Doesn't mean a lot Petra, Necromancers can and do cast other spells dear.” Jostein halted and cast his eyes around, he knew better than to trust them alone here. “Can you see anything?”
She studied the way ahead carefully, casting a spell of seeing to unmask anything hidden. She scried the hallway, her own innate gift for illusion reinforcing the power of the casting. She saw it, a shimmer at the end of the hall, not a glamour, but something like it. “End of the corridor, not sure what it is, but it's not Mark's.”
“No I don't think so.”
Jostein pondered, he could let her try to take it down, she'd probably manage, but he was the Magister. “Can you highlight it for me?” A few movements of her hands, a brief flash and the shimmering became visible. Jostein smiled appreciatively. “Always a gem Petra.”
She blushed, just a little, his approval meant a lot to her “What do you reckon it is?”
“Mmmm, not entirely sure, it's dirty yellow, anger and pain. Not a good sign. And it's shifting in and out of phase, very bad.”
He pulled a coin out of his pocket, enchanted it with a quick dispelling charm and tossed it towards the barrier. The back blast knocked them off their feet. Petra looked over at him “Well that was a good move there.”
A chuckle as he got to his feet “would seem so.”
He offered his hand to help Petra up “Oh no, I'll stay here, less distance to fall. See what your next trick does.”
“Your lack of confidence is so totally inspiring there.” He took stock of the shimmering force barring their passage. The coin was still there, seemingly suspended in mid-air. He walked up and looked at it hard. He cast a detect, the coin wasn't there. Another detect, for movement this time. Still nothing. He pulled a set of old battered ivory dice in a leather case from his pocket, focused and recast the spells. The barrier was moving, imperceptibly, outward, but there was nothing beyond it. It was like existence stopped with this wall. Jostein stepped back and whistled “A time stop and it's growing.”
“Can you stop it Jostein?” Her voice betrayed her concern.
“I can roll it back some, hold it for awhile, but stop it? No that beyond me, even with you backing me up.”

The ritual to reverse the time stop was time consuming and difficult. It required both of them and took over an hour to prepare. Jostein took a final look at the symbols they had inscribed and then the slowly growing barrier. “Ready Petra.”
“As I'll ever be.” They joined hands and began to chant, driving all their thoughts into the arcane sigils surrounding them. The runes glowed with power as their chants became more insistent. Jostein could the barrier resisting, struggling against their attempts to push it back, He gripped Petra's hand tightly, she understood and strove harder as they both fought to overcome it. The sweat beaded on his brow, this was not going as well as he'd hoped. He could feel Petra reaching into her wild side. For a moment he considered breaking the chant, dumping raw wild talent into a complex ritual was... unpredictable. He relaxed, he trusted her, and it was likely the only chance they had. Suddenly he felt the rush of her power. He silently smiled, he remembered the thrill of wild magic coursing through him, it had been a long time. Perhaps it was time, he reached into himself. He grinned, this would probably shock his lover a little.

Petra suddenly felt another presence, a new magic, one she'd never felt before. A roaring wild thrust of power. She very nearly lost her concentration as another wild talent joined with hers. She looked at Jostein, he was beaming, lost in the thrill of the ride. She focused and joined her power with his. The symbols burst with magical fire, it leapt at barrier, wrapping it in a blanket of uncontrollable joy. The barrier weakened and gave way, shrinking back towards its point of origin. Jostein and Petra followed its retreat, pursuing it relentlessly. But even their renewed energy could not totally overcome the barrier, it fell back, but it solidified and held its ground eventually. They could not drive it any further. They looked at one an other and nodded. A few words to seal the ritual and the collapsed exhuasted.
Petra was the first to speak, giving voice to her surprise “I never knew you were a wild talent.”
He took her hand “No, but it's why they assigned you to me.” He kissed her gently “Still it felt damn good.” He sensed the barrier still brooding deeper within the house “But we're going to need help with this one.”

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