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A Wild Talent - Part Four

The jet touched down at Heathrow several hours later. They cleared customs quickly and collected their luggage.
“Aren't you ever worried somebody will look in these Magister?” Petra was being unusually circumspect.
“Nope, you doubting your abilities to create a simple glamour now?” Illusions were Petra's strength and there was no way any mundane would see through one of her glamours.
“No, just that one day we might run into a talent.”
He chortled, just a little “In airport baggage handling? No not really.” Jostein finished hauling his cases onto a trolley and waited for Petra.
She lent on her trolley, looking at her collection of bags “So my lover and teacher, how do we get there?”
He sighed, circumspection obviously only went so far. “I have a safe house in Ealing, there's a car there.” His eye's sparkled just a little at the thought of that particular car.
“Ealing! What in the name of heaven possessed you to choose Ealing?”
He smiled, just a little “At the time, it was just a quiet little village.”

It was a five hour drive from Ealing to Truro. Petra was watching the scenery slip past them, her hair streaming out behind her in the night air as the E Type raced along the dark roads. The ends of her mouth curled upwards into a smile “Very very nice, but I never thought of you as a sports car kind of guy Jostein.”
Jostein smirked, he'd known she would like this car, its sleek classic lines, the open top, the roar of the six cylinder motor. Built long before she was born, but almost built for her. “I'm so glad you approve.”
“Hardly subtle though.”
“Dear heart, anybody or anything that can take out Mark and Dieter is going to sense us coming long before they see or hear this.”
Petra was disturbed by the idea that Dieter might be gone, they were about the same age, the Council had found them both at the same time. She smiled, they'd spent time learning the basics together before they were apprenticed. She knew he was sweet for her. He'd asked her to be with him, just once, before they became eternal. “Do you think they're gone?”
Jostein knew the odds all to well. He took a heavy breath “Best to assume so.”
“What or who?” He knew what she meant, he didn't want to answer though and remained silent. Petra however was sure he knew something “Don't play dumb lover, what or who?”
Finally he relented “Muti, Ettore Muti.”
Petra whistled gravely “The necromancer?”
“Yeap, do you know of any other Ettore Muti's.” He sighed, in his world he was long dead, killed by a plain old fashioned bullet through the head in 1943, but their meddling had changed all that. Now he was pretty much immune to bullets. Pride, a very very dangerous sin. They sped on through the night in silence, both lost in thoughts of what might-have-beens.

They stood before the door of the stately Georgian townhouse. They rang, but didn't expect any answer. Jostein could have dealt with the door simply enough but Petra needed the practice and more importantly, confidence. He turned to her “If you'd be so kind.”
“You expect me to get through Mark's wards?” She sounded a little incredulous.
“Yes and without blowing up the house too. You're more than capable.”
She looked him up and down “You're crazy, Mark is one of the best.”
He placed her hand on the door “I'm supremely confident.”
She took a single deep breath and reached out. It was dark, she could feel anything, then suddenly she felt it, a vague shimmering, unbelievably subtle, barely detectable. She chuckled, good, but not perfect. She touched the ward and gently turned it, finding the exact place where it would come to rest. She smiled and rested it precisely as Mark intended, she'd put it back when they left. She reached further, she knew Mark wouldn't rely on just one. There is was, another, more powerful, not deadly, flypaper. Touch the ward and you'd be there till Mark let you go, he was good. Another twist and turn. It was put aside. She was about to unlock the door when something stopped her. Too easy. Petra pulled back and tried to focus. She probed and searched, nothing, she couldn't find anything.
But she knew it had been too easy, Mark was better than that. She let go and trusted her raw wild side. It burst out and searched with a power she had not expected. She fought to regain control, she felt another presence, Jostein's hand on her shoulder. She smiled softly, he'd noticed. She calmed herself and searched with renewed power. There, there it was. More than that, it was dented. “Somebody's been here before us, they didn't get through though.”
She heard Jostein's voice in her head not her ears “Can you tell who?”
“No but I can get a print, if we find them again.”
“Good, lover, well done. Now open it, very carefully.”
Petra delicately reached into Mark's final ward. It was intricate and subtle, exactly what she'd expect from him. She touch each key in turn, finding the frequency to disarm it. Again, she'd be able put this back when she was finished. Maintaining control was hard though, her heart was racing, her wild side straining to just reach out and do it. She knew that would work, but it would likely blow out every window in the street. Jostein would not approve of that. She started to hum a tune in her head, felt her body start to move in time with it. She remembered dancing with Deiter, he loved that tune. Suddenly the ward just fell. She smiled, it had a key. She chanted a short spell to unbar the physical lock. There was a satisfying click as the door opened.
Jostein turned her round and kissed her “See no problems at all.”

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