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A Wiild Talent - Part Two

The powerful Aston-Martin sped along the E45 towards the Ejderen and the border well in excess of the limit of one hundred and thirty. Petra was a superb driver, but the last thing they needed was draw the attention of the rigspolitiet. “Slow down, there's plenty of time, it's only just turned ten.”
She laughed and floored it, the V8 motor roared as the needle leapt well over two hundred. “We'll be in Germany in a few minutes, no speed limits there.” She was enjoying herself. He didn't have the heart to tell her that where he came from they already would be in Germany.
“Yes, but they tend to have police near the border remember, so slow down. Do you really want somebody looking in the boot?”
She pouted for a moment, then eased back to around one thirty. “There you go Farfar.”
Jostein smiled slightly, he was old enough to be her grandfather. Though he hadn't aged since he was forty three, he'd be two hundred and eighty seven in five weeks. He often wondered how old Petra would be when she stopped ageing, wild talents tended to cling to life for some time.

The club was loud and glaring, the lights flashed as people moved to the music. Petra had dragged Jostein to his feet for several songs, but now she was dancing with some pretty German boy. Jostein wasn't jealous, he was well aware he couldn't keep up with her. She was laughing as she danced, lost in the pulsing music. Just so long as she kept in control it would be fine. He worked his way to the bar “Whiskey bitte.” he had to yell to be heard over the music. The young lady behind the bar reached for a bottle of scotch. “Nein Irisch danke” She looked puzzled for a moment. Jostein pointed at the correct bottle. Jostein was very particular about what he drank, his tastes were... settled and he didn't like to disturb them. Petra bounded up beside him, panting but still beaming from ear to ear.
“Now lover, this is fun!” he could hear the word fun illuminated with flashing neon lights in her voice. He smiled and ordered her another Margarita, he never did understand how she drank the things. He could detect her aura shimmering with energy, purple and yellow sparks fitting from her.
“Glad your enjoying yourself, but please be careful, I'd rather not have to... intervene, this time”
She giggled and kissed him “Now why would you need to do that.” She moved to return to the dance floor.
He gently took her hand to restrain her “Finish your drink first.” A little time for her to calm herself might be prudent.
She did understand, but she didn't worry, her laughter bubbled out “I'll be fine.” She grabbed Jostein's hands, smiled, indicated the packed dance floor and dragged him to his feet. She had an awful lot of energy to work off.

They danced, he watched as she moved, gyrating and turning, her aura growing stronger all the time. Jostein knew it was time to stop, but she was lost in the sheer joy of her power, her eyes now glowing pure white. He leant forward, drawing her into an embrace and murmured a few words of power. Petra slumped into his arms as if drunk. A temporary measure at best, her raw energy would soon breach that dam, but it should give him time. There were other ways to quiet her nervous tension. He cradled her in his arms, steering her from the crowded dance floor. A woman looked at them, a little concerned. Jostein smiled “zu viel getrunken.” It must look that way, he quickly mumbled a spell to put her mind at rest, she nodded and smiled. Petra was already stirring when they reached the warm night air outside. He hailed a cab “Bismarkplatz 32, bitte schnell.” A friendly place, well perhaps not entirely friendly, but somewhere safe.

A plain green door, discretion was her hallmark. Petra was humming softly, not much longer now. He knocked and entered. The smartly dressed young man inside appeared surprised to see him “Haben sie eine reservierung mein herr?”
He didn't really have time for this, “Please if you could fetch Madame for me, tell her Jostein Pederson is here.” The young man appeared hesitant, no time for this, a tiny gesture “Now!” He departed on his errand.
He returned shortly, a well dressed attractive woman in tow. She appeared to be in her late forties, though Jostien knew she was already ancient before he was born. She frowned, in a somewhat friendly manner, when she saw him and dismissed her receptionist. “Jostein I really would rather appreciate if you didn't bewitch my staff.” She looked upon Petra's restless form “My you do seem to have your hands full with that little one though.”
“She's about fit to burst.”
She chuckled “So I see. And I assume you would like a room, with a bed.”
He grinned “That was the idea.”

Jostein held her lightly in his arms, she had finally fallen asleep, her fretful wild energy eventually spent. He was exhausted, but he knew Jasmin would be expecting him for breakfast, he was a guest in her house after all. He waited for the knock on the door. “Madame requests the pleasure of your company in the garden mein herr.” He carefully extracted himself from Petra's embrace and dressed for breakfast.

The young receptionist escorted him to the small garden in the centre of the house. He already knew the way, but it was polite. She was waiting patiently, he could detect the delicious smell of fresh coffee. She waited for him to sit “So Jostein, your new apprentice, what brought this on? It hardly seems like you to let a wild talent get so... excited.”
He split a roll “Gräfin Herz.”
She peered at him “Again, that makes how many times you've tried to deal with her now?”
“Seven, eight if you count Budapest.”
She smiled politely “Don't worry, you'll get her eventually.”
Jostein took a cold iron signet ring from his pocket, tossed it on the table and stated simply “Yes.”
She burst into laughter “My apologies, I am impressed, finally. After all these years.” She reached over and kissed him lightly “I believe I owe you that. You must be pleased with yourself.”
He grinned mischievously “Not me Magister, Petra.”

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